Architectural Photography

Architectural photography

Great designs start with planning and collaborating on an idea. A lot of thought has been put into your structures, your building, your bridge and into your park.  Being able to capture what you have designed is what we're good at! Having a cohesive approach, being able to blend both nature into architecture is what we're strong at doing. We work side by side with engineers and architects to come up with a truly one-of-a-kind portfolio for your product. We are able to deliver in both digital and print form. Bring your customers closer to your work, show them how you design your building with amazing photography. It's as easy as booking today!

Who’s the photographer?

My name is Andrew Joseph Harris  and I am a Chicago Photographer

 I’ve done photography for 8 years professionally, and worked with hundreds of clients creating one-of-a-kind photo campaigns.

 I’m based in  Chicago and travel often to different cities around the Midwest such as St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Dayton.

 What kind of photography do I do? I specialize in portrait, business and wedding photography. I also do video!


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