We specialize in creating videos

that offer your audience a firsthand customer experience of your brand. Through our videos, your audience can see, hear, and fully immerse themselves in your brand story, values, products, and services, with client testimonials taking center stage. We tailor our videos to your targeted audience, helping you showcase your expertise, educate them on your offerings, and ultimately move them closer to making a buying decision.

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Welcome to Andrew Harris Media,

My name is Andrew and I'm a passionate videographer and photographer who specializes in shooting commercial videos for local businesses. My goal is to help businesses effectively communicate their message and showcase their products or services through high-quality video content. In addition to my commercial video services, I also offer professional photography services for businesses and individuals. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and my photographs can capture the essence of your brand and tell your story in a visually stunning way. I take pride in my attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for my clients. Let me help you bring your vision to life through my photography and video services.

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